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Florence, a body massage center, opens doors of a new world of massage and treatments in Riga, Latvia. With us you will live moments of magic and relaxation in a cozy atmosphere.   Reward your body with the care it deserves and escape the pressure of life. Choose from wide range of massage treatments. Our specialists masseurs and therapists, always strive for your full wellness and provide you with the right individual treatment. We will make you feel that you are like at home and offer you the pampering you need and deserve, in perfect setting for rest and relaxation with warm and comfort.

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We make you feel like you are at home with cozy, warm and comfortable atmosphere. We will take you on an exciting adventure and a journey filled with sensation and impressions that remain memorable.

florence best massage center in Riga

Provide a high quality massage treatments designed and customized to meet the individual needs of each client in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Our goal is to build a world of perfect relaxation for our valued clients.


To share the intensity of love with our client during the  

massage session and to provide high quality relaxation

treatments, enhance wellness and boost client’s energy.


Our Clients all are unique and our quality is a must, because massage therapy is about more than delivering the massage.  Our masseurs and therapists are qualified and experts with good communication skills, good decision making to know exactly what clients need and also have empathy, integrity and strength.